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Angus & Robertson - The Most Expensive?

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Comparing what we consider to be the 10 main Australian online bookstores, we found Angus & Robertson to be the most expensive! Shoppers paid more on average at Angus & Robertson than at any other Australian online bookstore we rated. Find out how we rated Angus & Robertson below:

Our Bookstore Ratings
Overall RatingBookstore PriceStockRangeEaseGo to Bookshop

8th Angus & Robertson 10th 1st 2nd 5th www.angusrobertson.com.au

Price (Rated LAST!)

Angus & Robertson bookstore rated 10th out of the 10 online Australian bookstores that we compared. To compare the general pricing level of the bookstores we rated, we compared the prices of a collection of around 150 different books. The prices of books at Angus & Robertson's online store were on average an incredible $3.38 more expensive than the average price across all of the bookstores we rated.

We also compared the price offered by Angus & Robertson on each book in our selected collection against the cheapest store for each individual book (that is, the cheapest price you could get if you looked up each book in each bookstore - which we did!). The books we checked were on average $9.18 more expensive than the cheapest price we found for the same book across each of the 10 Australian online bookstores. Moreover, the price at Angus & Robertson was at least $2.49 more expensive than the cheapest price for every book we checked. Angus & Robertson did not offer the cheapest price on any of the books we checked.


Angus & Robertson rated very well for books they had "In-Stock", meaning they were more likely than any other store to have books ready and on-hand at an Australian domestic location. Our understanding is that this typically means that the book is likely to be shipped locally from Australia in a very short period of time (usually within 24-hours), and the shipping time would be substantially less than books which are not "in-stock" at Australian bookstores and need to be ordered in from overseas or outside Australia.

Nearly all of the books in the selection we checked at Angus & Robertson were "in-stock". Only two books we searched for were not in stock. This compared very favourably to other Australian online bookstores, where we got the indication that the vast majority of books were not in-stock at a local warehouse, and had to be ordered from outside of Australia. The delay when ordering books from outside of Australia is often substantial.

Only Borders Bookstore compared similarly to Angus & Robertson in respect of books held in-stock.


When comparing the range of books at Australian online bookstores, we compared how many of the sample of books we searched for were found at the online bookstore. In this sense, the range indicator does not only consider the number of titles the bookstore has in its catalogue. Rather, we compare the likelihood that you will find a particular book that you're looking for. So an online bookstore may have billions of amateur or not-highly sought after titles, but if you can't find a Harry Potter book or a recently released bestseller, it's not as likely to be as useful to you. In addition, if the bookstore has it in its catalogue but you can't find it easily by searching for the title, author or ISBN, it's not considered to be in its 'range'.

Angus & Robertson compared very well in terms of range. We found nearly all of the titles we searched for, as opposed to some other Australian online bookstores at which we could only find closer to 3 quarters of the titles we searched for (that was roughly the average). Again, Borders Bookstore compared similarly well and was rated first in this category.

Ease of Use

In terms of ease-of-use, we sent our 'reporter' to each of the online bookstores we rated and got them to give us a summary of how easily they found the website to use and what they found. Here is what they had to say about Angus & Robertson:

Angus & Robertson's online bookstore is still flourishing and I found the home page to be very elegant with a very pleasant green and white colour scheme highlighting the best sellers and other featured books in the central panel. On either side of the central panel there are very garish adverts for a wide variety of products. Navigation was very basic and I needed to rely heavily on the browsers own navigating tools to get around the bookstore.

The description of each title on offer is very straightforward and not particularly detailed with just a relatively brief summary of the story and in most cases I did not notice much information being given about the author. In addition the bookstore does not seem to do any reviews or allow for any customer comments on the titles it offers.

Compare with other Australian Online Bookstores

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This page was last updated on 5 April 2013.

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